Review and Improve Workflows


Our clients are smaller, service-oriented organizations for whom information is critical.

Many use Microsoft Office and just one or two specialized applications such as a Customer Relationship Manager (e.g. Goldmine or and an accounting package. Often they store mission-critical information in screens and databases that were not intended for that task.

Although this approach is inexpensive, it can result in inefficient workflows. Time-sensitive information is scribbled on paper or in a spreadsheet before being keyed into the system later, often on screens that are clumsy to use.

As a result staff members spend precious time re-keying data that they already have, reports are delayed, and there are numerous opportunities for error. Retrieving information later can be clumsy, too.

What We Do

“RivCom said they could deliver, and they did.”

IT Analysis and Planning Team, BNFL Engineering


We analyze business processes and configure existing systems so as to remove bottlenecks and make best use of your existing applications.

  • The analysis can be as simple as a few structured interviews with the relevant people, or a series of formal workshops leading to fully documented use cases and swimlane diagrams.

We identify opportunities for improvement, focusing on the design of each workflow, its interactions with your IT systems, and how you monitor and measure it.

We develop targeted mini applications, if appropriate, that plug gaps by allowing users to enter and retrieve information more effectively. (See the Maxons case study for an example.)

We provide practical support to help you roll out improved workflows without disrupting operations.

And we do it all in short manageable projects that begin showing results in just a few days or weeks.

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