“I’ve worked with Tony since 2003 and know him very well as project lead, meeting coordinator, negotiator, writer of specifications and documentation, mediator and leader. His style is very friendly, pleasing, effective, well formulated and generates amazing results.”


Christian Ratenburg, Technical Research Manager, CCI Europe

Define Standards

Several times we have been asked to define new standards.

These projects ranged from local initiatives to improve departmental procedures, to a high-profile, multi-year International Standardization initiative.

Typically we bring together stakeholders from within your organization and help them analyze current workflows and define better ways to do the work. Then we manage the process of documenting the resulting workflows, procedures and specifications.

Case Study: AdsML

The AdsML Consortium asked organizations around the world (many of whom compete with each other) to cooperatively define an international standard. They needed a consulting team with sufficient technical, managerial and interpersonal skills to drive this complex project and deliver useful results within a limited budget.

The Consortium chose RivCom Ltd. to be the project office, and Tony Stewart led the team.


“All the individuals I’ve worked with [at RivCom] have been top notch. They balance a solid theoretical and academic approach to modeling with a practical ‘get it done’ approach to completing the work.”


Business Process Advisor, Shell International Petroleum

The project

Tony spent six years leading the development of The AdsML Framework, a suite of technical (XML) and workflow standards that define how computer systems can automatically exchange advertising information.

Tony planned the activities, facilitated the international meetings, managed the technical experts, and wrote much of the AdsML usage documentation.

The result

The first iteration of the AdsML Framework has been published and is being implemented around the world.

Case Study: Shell Oil Products

Tony was lead consultant on several projects for Shell Oil. Shell’s goal was to standardize business processes across its global organization in order to realize greater efficiency and gain potential savings of $500 million.

What we did

“Tony is often at his best in the most difficult and demanding of situations, where he seems to find solutions and bring consensus where most others would fail.”

Mark Stone, Consultant, RivCom Ltd.

We worked with the client’s business process analysis teams to harmonize their existing process models and create a framework by which the models could be navigated and understood as a coherent unit.  We delivered:

  • the strategic process model, data model and framework that integrates all process
    improvement projects across Shell’s global operations
  • the infrastructure that supports the capture, definition and publication of business processes.

In addition, we ensured the quality and consistency of terminology within and between models, and published the work associated with all the models in a single, integrated and interactive intranet environment.

The result

Shell now has the infrastructure and models in place to carry out a global streamlining initiative with the goal of standardizing global processes over the next few years.

While the client in this case was a major multinational organization, we can provide similar services to smaller businesses on a cost-effective basis.

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