AdsML Consulting Jump-Start

If your organization is a media buyer, seller or publisher that is considering implementing the AdsML Framework, we can help you jump-start the project and achieve better results.

Case Study: The Los Angeles Times

The LA Times wanted to develop a service-oriented architecture that would enable its advertisement booking and production systems to communicate with each other via XML messages. They asked RivCom to ensure that the LA Times developers made best use of the AdsML Framework and did so in as efficient a manner as possible.

Tony has a wealth of knowledge in this arena and communicates exceptionally well with all levels of business user. His keen, eager nature shows and highlights the benefits [of AdsML]. An exceptional Project Manager throughout.

Business Applications Manager, News International Newspapers

Services Provided

In a short, focused period we provided targeted consulting services to the LA Times’ IT team, including:

  • facilitating AdsML orientation sessions for both managers and technical personnel
  • developing “mappings” between internal information models and the AdsML messages
  • assisting in the selection and codification of the controlled vocabularies used in those messages
  • developing a reference schema to validate the messages.


The Result

The LA Times successfully employed and continues to make use of AdsML in its IT architecture.

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