“Tony can break the corporate vision into achievable pieces, and will drive the design process from beginning to end, producing efficient and eminently usable software.”

Director, IT Projects, CareData Solutions Corporation


Develop Targeted Software

When appropriate we can develop mini software applications that make your workflows more efficient.

The tools we use enable us to deliver a useful business application in just a few days or weeks.

The challenge is to know when custom software will be a cost-effective solution. Typically the best opportunity is when you can leverage your existing systems while adding critical missing functionality.

Case Study: Maxons Restorations Job Intake Form

Maxons Restorations is a leading disaster recovery service that provides property restoration services for homes and businesses.

“Mark and Tony took the time to really understand our process. Any slight change request was always met with a positive response and was done quickly. They were communicative throughout the whole project, and could explain things to me in a way I understood as I am not a programmer. The intake form has been the most successful technology project I have undertaken recently. We are looking forward to what a time saver this is going to be!

Kelley Dolan, Maxons Restorations

Maxons makes extensive use of customized screens and fields in its Goldmine CRM system to track each restoration project that it undertakes. Information about the project is stored as a “contact” record in Goldmine, and referral relationships connect the project to all of the different parties who will be involved. Calendar entries and alarms alert internal managers that a new job has arrived, and there are a number of other customizations which allow Maxons to use Goldmine as the focal point of its project management workflow.

The challenge

Most jobs come into Maxons as a phone call. Until recently, information about each new job was written on paper during the intake call, then keyed into Goldmine afterward. Contact details for all of the parties were then extracted and copied to the paper form, which was attached to the project folder as an “at a glance” reference.

Simply keying all of this information into Goldmine could take ten or fifteen minutes and introduced opportunities for error. The challenge for Mark Iocolano and Tony Stewart was to streamline this data entry process and ensure the accuracy of the information that went into the database.

Our Solution

Maxons Intake Form

Using Microsoft Infopath and Visual Studio, we created a new Job Intake Form in which Maxons employees can record information about each new job in real time while on the phone with the customer.

This form is optimized for quick entry during the call, and it connects to the Goldmine database so that it can provide real-time assistance and guidance. For example, when the insurance adjuster’s name is entered, the form checks whether that person is already on file and pulls up his contact details automatically.

Numerous other hand-holding and validation routines ensure that the data which goes into the form is accurate and complete.

Once the call is over, a single click “submits” the job to Goldmine. The Intake Form causes Goldmine to create a new job record and sets up all the referral relationships, notes and calendar entries in just a few seconds. It then prints itself out in an easy-to-read format for attachment to the job folder.

The entire operation only takes a minute longer than the phone call itself. This dramatically speeds up the intake process and also guarantees that all of the data has been properly entered into the system.

Powerful Tools

Some of our preferred software tools are:

Microsoft InfoPath for rapid development of smart data entry and retrieval forms.

  • Enables us to prototype a sophisticated data entry form extremely quickly
  • Supports complex logic to connect with systems such as Goldmine or QuickBooks, replacing multiple manual steps with a single operation
  • Fits well in even the most distributed environment

Microsoft Sharepoint, VB.Net, SQL Server, Crystal Reports and the .Net Framework

  • Extremely powerful tools that work well together.
  • Can easily automate Microsoft Office applications such as Word and Excel, and interact with other Windows-based software including Goldmine and QuickBooks.

We are also ready to consult with you on other software packages that may meet your needs.