“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Tony in three companies. Tony draws the best out of everyone around him. He is both a detail and a big-picture man. At the corporate level, he provides insight, guidance and leadership on the strategic and tactical levels.”

Michael Kemp, Director, IT Projects, CareData Solutions Corporation



Tony Stewart

Director of Consulting, RivCom Inc.

  • Over 20 years’ experience in IT consulting and business process improvement
  • Served as executive in both consulting and software product organizations
  • Led the creation of a suite of international e-commerce standards
  • Designed and developed successful software products
  • Implemented improved procedures for software development and project execution
  • Began as a professional writer and filmmaker

Chief Technology Officer, Caredata Solutions Corporation

From 2008 to mid 2009 Tony was in charge of all technical activities at this healthcare IT company.

Chief Operating Officer, CSW North America Inc.

Tony set up and ran the US subsidiary of this English IT company.

“Tony is a leader who does not demand personal status, a thinker whose ambitions are entirely practical, a ‘teky’ who understands people, and an American at home in Europe and Asia. Tony worked for me for many years, and taught me so much. He remains a respected colleague and trusted friend.”

Adrian Rivers, Managing Director, RivCom Ltd.

Chair, Technical Working Group, AdsML Consortium

AdsML is an international initiative to develop a suite of e-commerce standards for the buying, selling, delivery and invoicing of advertisements. For seven years Tony managed all technical activities, facilitated the meetings, made public presentations, and wrote significant portions of the framework.

VP, Software Development, Riverside Software

Tony was responsible for the design and development the company’s flagship software product, Riverside Grants, which was used by 3 of the five largest foundations in the world.

Director of Internal Systems Development, GoAmerica Communications

Tony was responsible for the integration and deployment of all new software systems at this fast-growing telecoms company.

Chief Methodologist, Flash Creative Management

Responsible for improving the software development and project delivery methodologies at this software development company.

President, Tony Stewart Software Inc.

Tony began his software career in the 1980s by writing a desktop application called “Tony Stewart’s Home Office.” The program received rave reviews in the New York Times (”Tony Stewart’s Home Office is Heaven-Sent”) and elsewhere, on the basis of which he licensed it to Spinnaker Software which sold it under the name “Better Working One-Person Office.”


Yale University

B.A. 1977

While at Yale Tony directed or designed lighting for over 25 theatrical productions and made 2 documentary films. Much of what he knows about project management and collaboration he learned in those days, though he didn’t realize it at the time.