“I presented our business problems. They listened, and then came up with solutions. I was confident that they were interested in helping us meet our challenges, not in selling us their preferred tool or a one-size-fits-all solution.”


World Wide IT Manager, Technical Education & Documentation Group, Motorola

“We always found RivCom’s people to be of the highest caliber.”

Information Manager, Kalido Ltd.


RivCom Ltd.

RivCom Ltd. is a UK-based consulting organization (and originally the corporate parent of RivCom Inc.) for which Tony served as Director of Consulting for many years. We still partner with our colleagues there whenever a project calls for their unique skills.

RivCom Ltd. is dedicated to helping organizations define and implement improved processes, workflows and standards. Areas of expertise include:

  • organizational development and change
  • business process analysis and design
  • business integration and e-commerce
  • structured information management (especially XML)
  • cross-media publishing and Internet technologies.

At RivCom Tony was directly involved in projects for Shell Oil, News International, The Los Angeles Times, the AdsML Consortium, The Advocate Newspaper and BNFL Engineering, several of which are described in this website.

RivCom was an early adopter of XML and for years Tony spoke at technical conferences in order to evangelize this powerful new technology. Since then XML has become ubiquitous, and we take pride in knowing that we helped make it happen.

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RivCom Ltd.